Friday, December 27, 2013

Inspirational Story

यह उन दिनो की बात है जब कामन वेल्थ की तैयारियां चल रही थी। दिल्ली में जहां एक तरफ बाहर से आने वाले  मेहमानो के लिए आलिशान कमरे बनाए जा रहें थंे वही दुसरी तरफ गंदगी समझ कर बस्तीयों को उजाड़ा जा रहा था।

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Over Diwali weekend, Manzil’s filmmaking team embarked on a project aiming to create awareness among the residents Sujan Sign Park about the issue of waste disposal.

Gurpal Bhaiya, Thank you for being there and saying “Hello”

Gurpal Bhaiya, Thank you for being there and saying “Hello”

Manzil is blessed to have friends who are more than family to it. It is these friends of Manzil who give us strength to face the world as it is, and strive to make it a better place to live.

Monday, December 9, 2013


I’d been at Manzil for a month, and almost every day I’d been noticing beautiful notebooks lying in the office, colorful cards on side tables, and unusual earrings in student’s ears. Each time I admired them and asked where they were from, the answer was always the same: Craftkari! I decided it was time to meet the 8 girls behind the creations: Himani, Manju, Mamta, Ruhi, Nagma, Babita, Pooja and Malti. I was welcomed into their class, and when I left I had new friends, a inspiring story to write, and a deep sense of respect.



A few days before Diwali this year, I got a call from a Physical Education (PE) teacher in a Government school in Delhi. I got introduced to her only recently when an old friend of mine, who I hadn't met in more than a decade, came to visit from out of town and brought her along. My friend had told her, the PE teacher said, that we educate school drop-outs at Manzil, and she was calling to find out if she could redirect to us students from her school who couldn't cope.