Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Manzil’s Got Talent

This is the story of Shahbaaz, a graphic designer, quitter, dropout, teacher, reject and rebel.6 years ago Shahbaaz joined Manzil as a student of computer class.
For 4 years he was an on/off student, dabbling in theatre and guitar lessons in addition to his computer classes. He also participated in the Manzil Radio group for a while.After having learned the basics about computer programmes at Manzil, he went out in the world and acquired a more advanced set of skills by attending various courses and learning from different people.

Gratitude Note

Divya Singh

 काम करना हम सबको पड़ता है, जीवन की छोटी से छोटी ज़रूरत को पूरा करने के लिए काम करना पड़ता है। भूख लगी है तो खाना बनाना पड़ेगा, सोना है तो बिस्तर बिछाना पड़ेगा। खैर! इन सब में साचने वाली बात यह है कि दुनिया में कोई ऐसा काम नहीं है जो निःस्वार्थ हो?

नारी एक वरदान 

नारी एक वरदान
क्यों न करतें हम इसका सम्मान
क्या नहीं दिया इसने हमें

Inspirational Story  

Manzil or any other organization like Manzil is trying to create a space for children where they can make mistakes, ask questions, play, where there is no age barrier, where you can be a teacher and student at the same time and where you can be you. We recently got to know about a lovely space in Noida started by a friend of Manzil. Kamiya has created a space for the local kids where they can come and read books.