Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Gratitude Note

Gratitude Note

The time I (Tulsi) met Amit ji the three words came in my mind that time was simple, peaceful and relaxed. I was looking for a teacher who could teach me all about simplicity, being peaceful from inside and relaxed all the time. Amit’s innocent smile, friendly behavior and love for food made me make him the best facilitator I have ever got.
When I first met him I was influenced the way he speaks English with clear and powerful vocabulary. Amit has been involved in Manzil as volunteer for one year. He has been taking sessions with our teachers and core team. I joined the Manzil core team in April and really wanted to join his classes and then fortunately, I got a chance to be his student and started learning English and communication from him. I gradually came to know that he follows his own teaching rules strictly. He is a punctual person, expected his students to be the same and he is a very good example of lead by example. He is never late, he usually reach the venue 10-15 minutes before the class and the students are not allowed to enter after . If we do not complete our home work even then the class won’t take place. I would say because of these rules we come before the time in the class and our home work is always ready.

His amazing sense of humor and way of teaching makes him unique. Amit’s class is always filled with really good and engaging activities. He makes us laugh, he crakes jokes and gives us some glimpse of entertainment and again smoothly routed us back to the study. We are blessed to have him with us. We never ever forget him in our entire life."

One of Amit’s students Pooja also shared that, I met Amit first at Manzil’s teacher retreat and then joined his English class. Though I was the only new student, Amit take some time out from the regular class to introduce the class rules as he feels it is important to align everyone before starting anything. Punctuality and responsibility is his core values, just like Manzil.

Amit has a calm nature which makes everyone comfortable. He never teaches anything without example which makes learning easier for his students. He says “we don’t learn our mother tongue by rules, we learn it by practice. Then why do people want to learn English by rules?”

After just 2 interactions with Amit I am feeling confident and less hesitant speaking English. He does it by making sure that everyone gets a chance to speak and ask question. After the class he takes his students for a chai and charcha where the informal space makes us to get more comfortable with him. I want to thank him for being a very supportive teacher with a great knowledge and kind heart.

- Tulsi Kohli and Pooja Singh

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