Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Beyond Manzil

Teacher Retreat

Teacher Retreat at Heritage School, Gurgaon

We wanted to celebrate Teacher's Day with our Manzil’s teachers to make them feel special. On that day, all Manzil teachers met each other and shared their thoughts, experiences, learnings and happy moments. Every year we celebrate differently. We thought let’s do something different at this time, so the teachers would learn more and enjoy as well.

The challenge is what do we want from the teacher retreat and that it should be with fun and activities. The theme was“are we all(teachers and core) aligned”. As a teacher where we have to work for our students. Amit Kumar is a facilitator and coach in the corporate world. Fortunately, he joined us as a facilitator for our teacher retreat.He was very excited to conduct the session. All of us met on 9thSep, 2017, at Heritage School, Gurugram. He did sessions and activities with us. 

The first activity he gave was to observe all the things around us. The purpose was how we observe things. 

The 2nd activity was a role play and the theme was five people came from abroad and they wanted to give two hundred crores to the organization. Amit, selected 4 people to play a judge’s role and they were Ravi Gulati, Pushpa Gupta, LalitSaini and Chander. Amit, divided five groups and each group has six members, each group had to make a presentation on how to spend the money on better education. Each group had to convince the judges that their organization was the best and to invest money for the development. It was very difficult to select one group as none of them were successful to convince the judges. 

The 3rd activity was everyone had to share those values which are present in Manzil and which are not. Everyone shared their thoughts. Later, Amit asked us to mark those values in a red zone, which we think we really need to work on. Four values came out as a result. Those values were Commitment, Communication, Tech Savvy and Calm. He created champions of those values. The champions need to work on their respective value to bring  them out of Manzil. And is that the outcome the work is under process with champion and volunteers. 

Overall, the teacher retreat went very well, beyond our expectations. In the teacher retreat, we danced and played a few games too. We enjoyed and learned a lot. 

We thank Amit Ji from the bottom of our heart for giving us his valuable time and the lovely sessions he took with us. 

By Pushpa Gupta
Edited By Ronita

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