Monday, August 6, 2018

Gratitude Note

Yasir: The Science Teacher
Hello everyone! It is our greatest pleasure to have a bright volunteer like Yasir work with us here at Manzil. He works in a bank and comes to Manzil every Saturday.
Yasir has been associated with Manzil since September 2015 and has embarked on a wonderful journey with our students at Manzil. One warm August afternoon, he called up Manzil to enquire about any potential teaching opportunity and to his and of course to our delight, he received it! There was a vacancy in science that fitted his skill set. Manzil came to him at the opportune time both personally and professionally.

Yasir is one of our most precious volunteers and is always ready to help our kids. He makes the topics easier for the students in order to make them understand better. He is always well prepared for the class and possesses the passion to educate and enlighten our students. Yasir also spends time with our students in the common room. He keeps the students engaged by his perplexing questions, which everyone enjoys solving. Our students always look forward to his classes.

Once, I was very anxious about one of our students Mayank who was a mischievous ten year old boy. On expressing my concern to Yasir he told me, “Vandana, don’t worry about him. I can’t say he understands 100% of what is taught in the class but at least understands 30% of it.” His words truly motivate our students to improve day by day.

He likes to interact with kids who are keen to learn and express themselves. He says “Teaching is a two way street where both the teacher and the student form a bond and learn, with an occasional switch between the teacher and the student.” These weekly Saturday evenings at Manzil have enriched his energy and provided him with a unique kind of satisfaction that has helped develop a relationship between Manzil and him. It is truly a pleasure for us to see young motivated people who are ever ready to help others. I would like to end in the words of Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world.”

Written by Vandana
Edited by Anshul and Niharika

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