Thursday, August 22, 2013

Gratitude Note

We have always been lucky to get very hard working, committed, passionate  volunteers/ Manzil friends/well wishers.  We very much want to express our heartfelt gratitude (dil se thank you) to 3 such amazing volunteers. They are Sanju bhaiya, Sangeeta didi and Nitin bhaiya. We have learnt so much from all of you. We all want to salute your dedication. 

Sanju Bhaiya- You are a powerhouse of knowledge.  We thoroughly enjoy your classes.  We very much look forward to Sunday morning, and to the fun learning ride on which you take us.  We truly admire your child-like qualities in sharing information and knowledge, and also your positive energy. 

Sangeeta Di-You are the epitome of strength, courage, beauty and grace. You are one of our longest serving volunteers.You have not only been taking our art and craft class but have helped girls to start their small enterprise. A very very big thank you for your constant help, support, motivation and guidance.

Nitin Bhaiya- You are our spiritual guru. After your every photography class, we feel so enriched, not just because of what we learn about photography, but also due to what we learn regarding how to become better human beings. You have given us a new lens to see the beauty of life.

                                                   THANK YOU

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