Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Inspirational Story  

Manzil or any other organization like Manzil is trying to create a space for children where they can make mistakes, ask questions, play, where there is no age barrier, where you can be a teacher and student at the same time and where you can be you. We recently got to know about a lovely space in Noida started by a friend of Manzil. Kamiya has created a space for the local kids where they can come and read books.
She shared about her work with us, let’s know her and her work better:

My name is Kamiya, I run a library cum activity center in Barola slum, Noida. 12 years back, I was just the girl next door who thought of good money, happy family and her happiness. Even, I was eyeballing those foremost institutes which every adolescent in India aspires for without looking at his interests, skills and dreams. But then life happened to me.

My father was diagnosed and operated of brain tumor and then he was bedridden for 10 years.
I served him in all those years, helping him live each day unbeaten by the chronic distress of dementia, urinary incontinence and many more. These revealing 10 years changed me and my efficiencies. This decade produced a different individual in me all together - I could see those dreams which are not so conspicuous, I could feel the pain which is not loud and I just set out to bring smiles to as many people. I left my corporate job and become a full time social worker.

I worked in rural areas on issues like health awareness, health rights and women literacy. I was consumed with the dreams and future of people they were at the center of every choice I made. They taught me kindness, courage, generosity, preservance, faith, resolve and compassion. Then I got a chance to work with children in slums - the most vulnerable lot of society. I spent a year working closely with and observing children in slums. I teach them basic literacy. We spend lot of time together, we do story telling session at their place. Some time we do yoga in park. In circle time we also discuss and share our thoughts. Through all these activities I got the insight of their mind, their thought process, their pain. How they handle abuse at home, at work place or at school. And I realized the need to create fun and safe space for children where they can find some enjoyment. So we opened one library cum activity center with the name “My Perch”- My Perch” is a welcoming place for all age group with the collection of age appropriate books for everyone. Educational games, puzzles, art and craft corner for children. 

We provide kids a variety of fun, active and educational opportunities that help them increase confidence and develop life skills. At My Perch we celebrate childhood every day.

We believe by giving access to a place where people can access to information and knowledge resources will allow them to spend their leisure hour in a constructive way and also will allow them to nurture their creative and aesthetic expression. Learning the art & culture through creativity enriches the education experience stimulates children’s imagination and provides them with exciting and fulfilling experience they are able to build in for rest of their lives. Here we are also working with parents and sensitizing them towards the need of children. We intend children should be seen, heard and respected.

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