Saturday, April 15, 2017

Gratitude Note - Anirudh

Anirudh is like one of our best brothers and is a really nice teacher.  He has been teaching Maths at Manzil for 2 years and has also started teaching English now. When he teaches, he explains things from the beginning, so it directly sets in students mind and they are unable to forget it.

Anirudh is a person with whom everyone can easily be frank. He is a helpful person, whenever Manzil needs any help or support from him he is always there. Anirudh is always there to help take students to events, give personal help in math or English to our students and has been a backup for the core team. He is also a good actor. I remember the time when we had a session of English theater in Manzil. He played the role of Baba and he acted very well.

He is our best buddy. When we are with him we feel safe. He is also a food lover like us. He likes to taste different kinds of food. He does baking in his free time and he bakes very delicious dishes and cookies. Lastly, he is an Engineer by profession but in reality he is a good social worker.  Last year he discovered he wants to do organic farming and so now he has started his own journey in organic farming and wants to go deep into it and teach others. Even though he is so busy in his life, he still finds time to come to Manzil. Sorry! Sorry! I forget to tell you one thing about him. He is our star goalkeeper in Football.

Thank you, Anirudh, for being a great teacher and friend to everyone here at Manzil. J

By: Jyoti Bisht and Reena

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