Saturday, April 15, 2017


The Manzil Winter Camp was organised from December 12, 2016 to December 26, 2016 and consisted of multiple sessions conducted by teachers to make the holidays more fun for the students of Manzil. The sessions were organised from 3 pm to 6 pm, Monday to Friday, to ensure maximum participation.

When we think of camps in general, we always think it is only for private school students. Government school students usually don’t have any options to attend camps and they just stay at home. So we thought why can’t we start camps here at Manzil? We wanted to provide our students learning that is beyond the normal structure of their classes, and thus started the Manzil camps. Our Manzil students aren’t always able to try all the diverse classes we offer, but in a camp the students are able to get exposure in a short amount of time to different sessions and topics.  This helps them discover new interests and skills within themselves.

The Winter Camp sessions were kicked off by a theatre camp on the 12th, conducted by Shrikant and focused on confidence building and enabling the students to be comfortable to speak in front of people. A game Ho Ha Haiya was also played where the objective of was to ensure everyone is alert all the time and snap second responses were the crux of the game.

On the 13th, a drawing session was conducted by Pradipta on the theme Happiness. The students had to draw their own representation of happiness, and each drawing was unique and gave an insight into the small things that make us immensely happy.

14th was the day of the movie screening, Nisha and Pradipta decided to screen Finding Nemo, which taught the students how to be positive against all odds, along with being a very entertaining watch.

On the 15th, Shubham organised computer games for the younger students of Manzil in order to develop their motor skills and increase their familiarity with computers.

As the week was ending, Nisha and Raagini conducted a quiz on basic science, mathematics and general knowledge on the 16th.

 Keeping up with the physical activity aspect of traditional camps, a game of Frisbee was organised by Pushpa on the 19th.

A music session was organised by Saad and Anurag on the 20th, and received a roaring response from the students.

On the 21st a photography session was organised by Lalit who taught the students how to click good quality photos using mobile phones. The students were taught technical basics like angles and lighting and how they affect the outcome of the photographs.

In the true Manzil tradition of cooking sessions, Sakshi taught the students some more lip smacking dishes on the 22nd.

The most eagerly anticipated session was the dance session conducted on the 23rd by Prakash, who taught the students the steps to The Hamma Song.

The last session was indeed ending the Winter Camp with a bang, and recorded the maximum number of participants and was Kabaad se Jugaad on the 26th, where Anurag taught the students how to make a doll.

With so many activities and sessions, Manzil ensured a very happy holiday for its students once again beyond Manzil regular classes. Now we are ready for our second Summer Camp in May :)

 By: Kriti Karnavat

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