Monday, December 24, 2018

Beyond Manzil

Manzil’s Got Talent

A shot of Prachi, a 4-year-old from Manzil School, Kotla 
Manzil is a non- profit organization which develops ways to choose our life path (career) and freedom to express our opinion and feelings. Here, people learn from each other.

It’s a peer-led NGO where a student can be a teacher and teacher can be a student as per their choice.  Manzil means Destination in English & that is what many of us have got through participating in various events which Manzil organizes. We give learning opportunity to our students by giving them roles & responsibilities.When our students are willing to organize any event like a birthday party, outdoor sports, movie club and workshops etc. they make a team of all the departments which hold the event.

One of the major events is MGT (Manzil Got Talent) which we organize twice in a year. It is a platform where most of the students participate and show their learnings and talents on & off stage and they try to come out from their hesitation. This year our students performed and participated in dance, music (vocal singing), theatre, speech and decoration of the stage.It sounds like a TV show where people get a stage to show their talent but it’s not like that. MGT provides a small stage where students from performing art and academics come forward and express themselves. The reason behind the MGT is to bring raw talent on the stage and provide them a stage to overcome their stage fear and give them a chance to face the audience. 

This time two of our team members Vikas and Himanshu organized MGT and mentored the students to successfully organize the event. They distributed responsibilities where Vikas arranged logistics &Volunteers and purchases from the market. As I have shared that we want to give our performers the taste of the stage, so this time the venue was a gallery of a Government School.

After the event, we have a feedback meeting, where all of us come together and reflect on what we have learned from the event. What I like about MGT is Manzil gives the space to make mistakes and to learn from them. It provides new performers a platform to showcase their talent and to our old performers to try their hand at other art forms.
I think we must participate in Manzil’s events which help us to find our interest more intensively. At Manzil, we believe students learn more by actually doing something rather than having a theoretical knowledge. Organizing MGT has taught the students many new things.  Everyone at Manzil, the organizers and the students, love the MGT programme.

Written by Himanshu and Neeraj , Maths Coordinator  and Student-Teacher Manzil
Edited By Uma Rawat, Initiative Head, Manzil

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