Monday, December 24, 2018

Gratitude Note

Ronita: Dedicated and Committed Volunteer Teacher


Ronita is one of the strongest pillars of the English classes. She has been a wonderful teacher throughout her 3-year long journey. She had been teaching English Discussion, the advanced English learning class in Manzil, since 2015.

Discussion Class
She was punctual about her timings and she used to come 10-15 minutes before the class. There were very few classes in 3 years where she came late. She had good relationships with her students.

Her students learned a lot from her classes. She taught different lessons and always encouraged her students. She conducted different activities like reading story books, writing letters, watching movies, talking about social issues, and doing other fun things. 

We have had a lot of NRI English teachers, but she is the first NRI English teacher who took a class for three years. She was friendly, jolly, helpful, and gave extra time to the students before and after class. She brought new techniques of teaching in the class like showing movies, Ted Talks, and talking about global issues. She started a new initiative where students wrote letters to other students in the US. Through this initiative, students got to know about new people in the US and got an opportunity to participate in cultural exchange. They all made friends in the US. This initiative made students write more frequently compared to before. She also started reading habits in the class and students finished an entire book, as well as a chapter from another book. The students improved their reading skills and learned a lot of new words. She always had a smile on her face and lit up any room she was in.

Written by Reena, English Co-ordinator, Manzil
Edited by Unnati, Volunteer, Manzil

Below is a compilation of a few letters written by Manzil students about their teacher, Ronita. They all praise of her teaching ability and presence in the classroom.

Letter -1

Dear Ronita Di,

You are a wonderful teacher!! Your classes are too good!!! The letter-writing and movie-watching activities in your class were amazing, interesting, and funny. A big thanks to you for all of this.

Hope you always remember the happy and extremely funny moments. You are the best, most special, interesting, lucky, good, and friendly teacher.

I feel comfortable with you because you are friendly and good.

Thank you

Letter -2

Hey Ronita!

Don’t know how to start, that’s why I’m starting like this. You are one of the most inspiring teachers and friends I have had in my life. I like the way you talk and convey your thoughts. As every teacher has his or her unique and new style of teaching, so do you. There was something really different in your teaching which helped us learn new things without even knowing. There was never a burden to be in the class, there was only excitement for your class. I would always wait for your class on Fridays. When I got to know that you left Manzil, it was unbearable for me.

Please! Whenever you get some time from your work, please! Please! Please! Come and meet us, if possible take a few of our classes too.

Thank you very much for devoting your precious time for us. I am missing you too much these days. You really helped me to improve my writing skills. Although I am not devoting time to it right now due to exam pressure, I promise you I will soon work on it and will almost master this art.

Thank you!

Missing you a lot!

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