Wednesday, June 30, 2021

किस्सा क्लास का 

Manzil has multiple classes such as dance, Kathak, Theater, Guitar, English, Maths and Science, Music, etc. These classes have their own uniqueness. 
To capture this, we asked our students to write down anecdotes from their classes that stayed with them. Most of the English class’s students showed initiative and wrote their experience and shared it with us. We were so glad to read their experiences while also feeling proud at how much their English had improved.

Farheen shares “Today I want to share a very special story with you, that when I joined Manzil, I got selected for English practice class (3rd level of English) and there I noticed one thing that there is no age group in our batch. There are participants from different age groups and also from different states or places. 
Apart from this, I met a lady whose age was more than 50, she was also studying with us. Like a student, I felt very much inspired by her passion and her desire to study.
I salute every person with such a passion and desire to study. This is an anecdote in Manzil's class that touched my heart. I feel proud that I am a student of Manzil where only your ability and passion is seen. I want to thank Manzil for making me its part.”

Megha, 19, from English practice class, also remarked- “It is so difficult for me to share one interesting anecdote that is near my heart because so many anecdotes that touched my heart which I can’t forget. I joined manzil last 1 year and made beautiful memories because manzil gives so many opportunities to students for improvement and growth. So, I would like to share one anecdote that is near my heart and incredible. That is when Tulsi di, my English teacher, introduced us to her first English teacher Kathryn. She is from Ireland and currently lives in Nigeria. It was my first chance to speak with a person from another country.

When I first joined the class, I feared if I would be able to speak in class or not as I was not confident at that time but when Kathryn started to speak then I saw that she is very cheerful and friendly.

Kathryn had come to the class twice and both those classes were miraculous and I felt blissful in the class. In first class she shared about her journey in India and her feelings about Indian people. I also got to know that she works mostly for other people and it was so inspirational when she shared so many things about what she loved most in India. She said that she loves Indian's colorful clothes, all people look colorful, something that she doesn’t see in Ireland and Nigeria. It was good to listen to how lovely she felt about India.

The second time she came to class Tulsi di informed us before she came and told us to research about Ireland or Nigeria. I was excited because she would come again so I researched about Nigerian government, culture, place, foods, and weather. This was my chance to know about that place and make questions that I would ask Kathryn. She was also happy to see my questions along with other students.”

Soni, 19, from English Discussion Class, “I entered into a new class named discussion in September 2019 with the memories of practice class (previous class), an introvert character, nervousness, good hope for new learnings and a very rough smile on my face, because I didn’t want to leave where I was yesterday, that’s because we all love our comfort zone. But change is mandatory for all, we have to make changes according to it.

I had three facilitators, their characters and way of teaching was like a combination of books, where I could discover any kind of chapter to read and learn. After having these new teachers in my life I decided to improve my weak points and improve my skills. This confidence I got from the Discussion Class, where I was unable to be interactive. Now it was a "A blessing in disguise ". After spending more time with this class, it became a turning point for me, and now I am not that Soni who had entered in this class before with lots of confusion and mixed emotions. Now I am a changed version of myself with new insights about myself. This was a magical class in my life, it gave me confidence, pleasure of learning, excitement, support, made me eager, enthusiastic and delighted for every moment. The caption "DISCUSSION" describes the learnings of this class. I don't think there is anything left where we haven't contributed our views, inputs, opinions, and suggestions. I am blessed to be a part of this extraordinary hour where your teachers are not your teachers, classmates are not your classmates, they are like your bestest friends, supporters, companions and mentors .

The class is full of pleasure. There is fun and laughter where we learn through games, like Taboo, pictionary and dumb charades etc. There are clashing statements when we have debates but we find happiness and joy in any kind of serious situation. There are emotions when a sensitive talk is there. This is a safe space which gives courage and belief to express ourselves and improve our skills. This is a place where everybody listens to everyone”

Hema stated, “There is an anecdote from my GK class that I really enjoyed. One day a student came to the class after a long time as he was quarantined. I asked him to sing a song in the spirit of his recovery. Then he started to sing the song and gradually every student started singing one by one including our teacher Vikas. The environment of the class totally changed from a fear of Covid to fun of music. We got to know everyone’s hidden talent in the class. I became nostalgic of my childhood days when I used to sing songs with my friends. It was the best class I ever had, virtually.”

For any institution, if students show their true side in learning and are growing, it is encouraging for the institution as its efforts yield color. Our students showed real zeal towards learning despite the classes being online and all the challenges they faced during corona times, they were sitting at home and continued learning. We are very proud of them.

Compiled By Tulsi Kohli (Editor of Newsletter)
Edited by Akansha (Manzil Volunteer)

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  1. किस्सा क्लास का, फरहान, मेघा, सोनी सभी ने दिलचस्प तथ्य साझा किए हैं। ये दूसरों के लिए प्रेरणादाई तो हैं ही लेकिन साबित करते हैं कि सीखने के लिए उम्र की कोई सीमा या बंधन नहीं ।बहुत ही रोचक लेख।🙏🏼👍🏼