Friday, February 13, 2015

Beyond Manzil

Beyond Manzil

Taking class beyond the classroom, Manzil yet again set out on its journey of new explorations. Beyond Manzil is all about sharing things our kids learn beyond classroom and our offered programs. Through this column we are sharing with you all a few snippets from this journey.

From being active on stage to solving maths problem, Manzillions have taken each and every challenge thrown at them. We at Manzil acknowledge that everyone has talent and needs nurturing. Manzil Got Talent was one such platform organized in the month of December celebrating the budding talents at Manzil. It was an evening studded with various dance performances, film screening, theatrical plays, all of them executed by our very own budding Manzillions. The performances carried freshness and simplicity of amateur artists adding a unique charm to the day!

Meanwhile in the classes, we realized our students under perform in mathematics. The problem was not just in the logic being unclear, but also their zeal to set goals and achieve them. Killing two birds with one, we piloted Udaan, an individual goal setting and assessment file for each child, which would focus on needs, goals and action needed specific to each student. It forces the students to think about how they'll like their future and then act accordingly.

To take another step at motivating students to pushing their boundaries, an initiative of Sikho Sikhao has been taken up. Here, Manzil derives its strength from the peer-learning culture it has been able to develop. The notice announces two columns, Sikho( to learn) and Sikhao ( to teach) Students who wish to learn something sign up under Sikho and those who wish to offer what they know sign up under Sikhao. The vision is to create a space for Manzillions to take initiatives and share their skills, learning and experience with their peers and at the same time develop in them self-motivation to learn new ideas, skills.

As a tree is known by its fruits, we would like to share some instances where Manzil has been done proud by its students. In search for training par excellence Vijay, one of our dance student-teacher who received a 100 Percent scholarship to attend a 3 month long workshop at The Ministry of Dance, Melbourne. He has come back with learning not only specialized dance skills but ways of life making him a life - long achiever.

 (Sanchi Chandna)

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