Friday, July 22, 2016



If Karma was a religion I would have love to teach,
Not because I have done all good deeds but this what I preach,

Making your heart a temple to know your good and bad deeds,
Instead of hatred in bestowing your life with all what your heart needs,

Knowing what you will give would come back as same if not in folds,
Making you realize what your destiny ahead really holds,

So we would even have a fright not to do wrongs knowingly or even offend,
If wrong been done to you a belief your faith not hatred would give punishment,

Hate someone and you give someone’s love towards you from your heart,
In life we have a small heart with lots of love to fill given to ourselves to start,

After ourselves, remains a portion where we have to give a place to other,
Usually many of people forget that love towards self is more important going further,

Life is short not knowing what lies at the next bent of the this journey unknown,
As it’s said by many what goes around comes around so stay good to yourself also alone

                                                                                                                                         - Karan Taneja 

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