Friday, July 22, 2016

Manzil’s Got Talent

Vijay Rawat

 I began my journey with Manzil Welfare Society (NGO) in year 2006. The reason for joining this NGO was to do my academics. I understand a question will arise that this can be done at other school then why Manzil. As other mischievous kids I also use to be a loitering kid but my mother knew that a correct direction will be given to me if I join Manzil. At Manzil I not only got academic knowledge but they give me clarification to the struggle which was going inside me. I use to do what anybody use to tell me, I didn’t had focus and didn’t know what life is.

They helped me to be a better person by building the ability to ask question. The more I ask question the more I developed as my logics got clearer. The more my logics got clearer the confidence got building up. At Manzil the time to time workshop e.g. Samwaad, how to build a better relationship, Self Esteem, How to be a good Listener etc. motivated me towards living life in a more meaningful way. They made me self-aware and boosted my inner sense. They gave me the knowledge to know basics of Human Behavior and to know why Human is born and what should be the duty of being Human not only this I came to know the power of being a Human. Due to all this changes in my behavior I became a better person and started taking initiative. I became more responsible and vigilant. These qualities helped me to be a good Leader and all the Leadership qualities helped me to be a decision maker.
Manzil was the turning point which laid me on the path of my dreams. After that I have performed with professional dance troupe in Delhi for three years and got trained in Bollywood. Even after performing so much and with talented dance troupe I was not getting enough educated in dance since I was not able differentiate between different dance style or forms. In order to satisfy my quest for the same and to get in-depth knowledge about dance I took a step further and I joined Dance Worx in 2011 where I worked as a company member under the guidance of Mr. Ashley Lobo.
The fever didn’t get mild but severe and to quench my thirst in 2014 I moved to Australia and obtained training from Jason Coleman’s Ministry of dance under the guidance of international choreographer Jason Coleman. Now finally I have established my own company called Dance Kabila, and look forward to live a life with dance which I have always dream of. My further future aspects are to make most out of my life. I also want to understand all life possibilities and to utilize all energies and human potential. I can go on and on and share my journey and the experience involved with it, however the space is less J.

- Team Dance Kabila

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