Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Manzil's Got Talent

Sangeeta Bisht
A girl with big & responsible dreams and a golden heart

In 2014, Sangeeta took the admission in the English classes and became the part of Manzil Family. Initially, everyone thought that she lacked confidence but very soon we realized that she is a caring being and isn't biased with anyone.
She was always very curious to learn new things and take initiatives. Hardly a month has gone by and she had made everyone fall in love with her J.

She had always been a very active participant, always participating in every discussion passionately; sharing positive, intelligent, insightful and meaningful points. This is the one thing that we could all learn from her, to look for positives in every situation, always focusing on positives rather than on the negatives, which we often forget to. Also, she took the initiative of encouraging other students to participate and give everyone equal opportunity to open up.  

Sangeeta with Manzil Students
Once, we discussed the pros and cons of her joining the Gandhi fellowship, according to me the cons overweighed the pros of her being a part of it, but, still, she only focused on the pros and joined. This decision of hers, according to me, has brought out the best in her, personally and professionally both. We often fight a lot for the same reason, as I think that analyzing the other aspect of any situation is necessary, which she misses out on most of the occasions. Our love-hate relationship goes on like this and I hope it continues for the rest of our life. I would like to thank her for always showing me the best in a lot of aspects of my life, and make me analyze them with a different perspective.

I still remember my first conversation with Sangeeta; I asked her “Future ka kya plan hai?” She proudly said, “I want to become an Army officer and serve my nation”. But she used to talk about educating children all the time. She was a quick learner so in a very short span of time, Sangeeta Bisht was a known name in Manzil family. Almost everyone knew her which should be a common trait in Manzil, but very few people like Sangeeta has it. Manzil believes that we all should be talking to everyone as everyone has something to teach you. Sangeeta had this before joining Manzil.

It took her only three months to make Manzil core team believe in her and she became the extended core team member for English classes. Extended core team member was an idea to look and prepare Manzil students for the Manzil core team. Usually, the process is a bit long and tough, but Manzil realized that Sangeeta already had those skills to become a core team member. Also, students loved her so much and would always look up to her. Soon she joined the Manzil core as English coordinator.

Manzil has been giving opportunities to students to study abroad. Sangeeta applied for the scholarship, but Manzil said that since she will be a graduate by the time she gets her scholarship. Sangeeta knew that a graduate person can’t take the scholarship and her dignity didn’t allow her to take the scholarship and gave it up. Our core team member Pradipta really help her explore more possibilities and share about Gandhi Fellowship to her. She filled up the form in that month only and got the fellowship.

Her 2 years of fellowship in Dungarpur really change her perspective of serving her country. I remember when she came back after spending one year in Gandhi Fellowship. I asked her “So future ka kya socha hai after the fellowship?” she proudly replied “I want to work in the field of education. Particularly in early childhood”. I was so happy to hear that as I could see a great leader in her. After her fellowship, she joined United Way Delhi team and now handling schools as a team member.

Her dedication, skills, hard work and beautiful heart made her the person she is. Manzil Got Talent is not all about people coming to Manzil and becoming artist, but about people coming to Manzil and becoming able to pursue their dreams. Sangeeta’s dream was to serve her nation and she chose education as a medium to serve her country. She has always been a kind of person you always would want to hang out with. Sangeeta is our Manzil Got Talent for this quarter.

Written By Anurag, (Co-Founder of Manzil Mystics) and Anirudh, (Volunteer Teacher)
Edited By Ekta, (Volunteer Teacher, Manzil)

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