Thursday, May 9, 2019

Teacher's Speak


Loving Yourself
Someone said this beautifully- “You cannot love someone until you love self”. To make your life wonderful and different from the rest of the world, you must love yourself. Your reality depends on how much you love and take care of yourself.
Your relationship with yourself is the most defining factor in shaping the kind of life you live. The less you love, listen, and understand yourself, the more confused, angry, and frustrating your reality will be. When you begin to love yourself, everything you see, everything you do, and everyone you interact with starts to become a little better in every way possible.
If we believe that life is lonely and that nobody loves us, then that is what we will find in our world. How often have you said, “I love me, I am wonderful, I am amazing, phenomenal things are meant for me.”And how often have you said, “I hate myself, I am not good enough, I am ugly, I face the worst things in my life.”We must affirm for ourselves that, “love is everywhere, I am loving and lovable, loving people will come into my life and I will find myself easily expressing love to others.” You must hold on to that affirmation and keep repeating it frequently and then you will find that these will become really true for you. It has been said that the thoughts you think and the words you speak create your future. We must not compare with the things around us nor blame our surroundings for our situation. It always starts with us. Once you start loving yourself, loving people will start coming into your life. Please do not put yourself down for being where you are.

Recognizing Your Value
After loving yourself there is another very important thing that you must value. That is recognizing your value. Too often we base our value on how someone is treating us, how successful we are, or how perfect of a life we have lived. The problem in all of those if you are getting your value out of how people treat you, then they hurt you, then if they hurt you, they disappoint you, you are going to feel devalued. Remember, people do not treat you the way you want them to treat you, they treat you the way you treat yourself.
If you are basing your value off of your achievements, how much you make, what you drive, the title behind your name, then if something happens to you and you do not have the position or your business goes down, then you will look negatively upon yourself and your life. According to me, your value should be based solely upon the fact that you are a child of God. Value is not based on what you do, what you make, who those things can change. Your value comes from your creator, God. God has breathed his life into you. You have the DNA of Almighty God. You have royalty in your blood. If you base your value on people’s support, how much they approve of you, then if for some reason they stop doing that, you will feel devalued. You do not people to tell you who you are. People will let you down, they will get jealous, and they have their own issues.

Life Is Really Very Simple. What We Give, We Get Back
What we think about ourselves becomes our truth. Every thought we think and every word we speak creates our experiences. We all are responsible for everything in our lives, the best and the worst. Each one of us creates our experiences with our thoughts.
We create the situations and we give our power away by blaming the other people and situations for our frustrations. When we create peace, harmony, and balance in our minds, we will fill our lives.
Which of these statements sound like you?
 “People are out to get me.”
“Everyone is always helpful.”
Each one of these beliefs will create quite different experiences. What we believe about ourselves and about life is true for us.

The Universe Totally Supports Us in Every Thought We Choose to Think and Believe
Our subconscious mind accepts whatever we choose to believe. We have unlimited choices about what we can think. When we know this, then it makes sense to think “everyone is always helpful,” rather than “people are out to get me.” 
The universal power never judges or criticizes us. It only accepts us at our own value, and then it reflects our beliefs in our lives.

The Point of Power Is Always In The Present Moment
All the events you have experienced in your lifetime up to this moment have been created by the thoughts and beliefs you held in the past. They were created by the thoughts and words you used yesterday. However, that is your past. It is over and done with. What is more important at this moment is what you are choosing to think, believe, and say right now. There is no moment which is more powerful than right now. These thoughts and words will create your future. Your point of power is in the present moment and is forming the experiences of tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, and so on. If we center ourselves at the moment, we become present and are not distracted by our mind chatter. 

Written By Sachin, Student Teacher, Manzil
Edited by Unnati, Volunteer Teacher, Manzil 


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  2. Really it's good article about thoughts firstly u believe in yourself then u can achived success in future.