Thursday, August 22, 2019

Beyond Manzil

 Fast Track Computer Course
Manzil's Computer Class

The computer has been a revolutionary machine that has made our life much easier and well managed. It has made possible to do a large amount of work in a small time, thus increasing the work output.
The importance of computers has grown for domestic as well as commercial uses.  It is the era of Information Technology (IT), thus compelling companies to demand recruits who know how to operate a computer and perform various tasks that require software like Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.

It has become an essential, for everyone to learn about the basics of computer. In this race for employment, many people fail to participate, for a very simple reason that is that they do not have the means or opportunity to own or learn about computers. They may not have the financial power or may not understand the basics of computers on their own that prevents them from learning. MANZIL has decided to help these people and provide them with the opportunity to learn computers. MANZIL organises computer classes for its learners that stretch for the duration of 8 months, wherein they teach about the basic components, functioning and knowledge of software and hardware of the computers. Manzil does not prove any certificate. 

MANZIL also gives classes on typing daily and also provides keyboards to the learners to practice at home. MANZIL also explains the usage of software like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and PowerPoint. It also gives advanced classes like PYTHON, Web design, Photoshop, TallyERP9, CorelDraw and for small kids CAL (Computer Aided Learning). It also gives sessions on internet safety that in today’s time is very important to know. MANZIL introduced a new program in 2013 called the Fast track programme, which focuses on covering topics in a concise manner. Fast track course starts in the month of May and June.

This programme specialises in providing training and knowledge to students who are preparing for their jobs and have very less time to learn the full course of 8 months. The training classes of 8 months are compressed into 1 month and are held in the evening for two hours every day except Sunday, which is taken by Mr Anil Kumar (Co-ordinator) and Mr Himanshu Bhatt (senior teacher). The students are trained to deal with the immense pressure that they may deal at their workplace. The students are also given exposure to working on computers and are given assignments to complete. They learn to find creative ways to solve their problems and learn time management. MANZIL aims to provide them with the best training possible to help them achieve their goals in future and do well in their job life.

Written by Saket, Volunteer
Edited by Anil Kumar, Computer Coordinator 

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