Thursday, August 22, 2019

Inspirational Story

Habitat Learning Centre
HLC's Computer Classes

With the increasing importance and need for candidates specialized in the field of the IT sector, it has become necessary to raise awareness and promote the IT sector throughout India. 

The Habitat Learning Centre (HLC) was started in 2002 by the India Habitat Centre (IHC) to help students who can’t afford to learn the IT course. In their early start, they introduced short term courses that ran for a duration of 1 week, from which they received a positive response and decided to extend them into a 3 months course. With the passage of time, HLC started extending its roots by partnering with NGOs working in different areas of Delhi, to help those students who can’t come to HLC.

The HLC offers three courses that run for different time periods. The courses offered are Basic Computer Course for three months, Advanced Computer Course (ADCC) for eight months and Skill Development Course (SDC) for eight months which are given in four streams Basics of Accounting Principles, Basics of Content Management System, Basics of Hardware & Networking and Basics of Visual Documentation. HLC also provides certificates to students, after the completion of their course. During the courses, they also focus on personality development wherein which they teach the student English to help them improve their vocabulary, spoken English, Communication etc. Students are also encouraged to participate in physical activities like Table Tennis, Badminton etc. HLC is focusing on the overall development of a child to make it possible for them to get through their endeavours in life.

Students also get an opportunity to learn more about the professional aspect, as they are given an in house internship at IHC in various fields like – Visual Documentation, Website developer, Video editor, Data Entry Operators etc.

Every year HLC celebrates its Annual day. The sole responsibility of organizing this event is given to the students, through which they acquire knowledge and experience. The various aspects like planning, execution, performances, decoration, invitation, refreshment etc are all tasks that help them learn qualities like co-operation, patience, making the right choice and teamwork. It showcases the imagination, skills and views of the students which is a healthy activity for them.

The students like it a lot to interact with students from different backgrounds and NGOs. They learn from each other and make new friends. Most of the students have a dream to take admission in HLC. Students take admission in Manzil to take admission in HLC as HLC does not take direct admissions. They take admission from only partner NGO’s. Manzil has been sending its students to HLC since 2002. We nominate 15-20 students every time when admissions are available at HLC. Around 253 MANZIL students have learnt various courses at HLC so far.

We are very happy to say that our students perform well in academic in HLC and like the HLC classes. After the completion of their courses the students also get a chance to do an internship at HLC. One of our students, Vijay, is working there as a BVD Teaching Assistant. Similar to these some members like Vandana, who learnt website designing at HLC, is now managing Manzil’s main website. Gaurav Naag, a Manzil student, learnt website designing at HLC and is currently teaching the students at Manzil the same. Vijay Rawat (dancer cum choreographer) always gets opportunities to choreograph at HLC’s annual day every year, since he has done his BVD course there.

I, Anil Kumar, Computer coordinator of Manzil, remember when I used to go to HLC in 2002 with the first batch of Manzil students where they were taught by Nalini Ma’am. The time that we spent there was very educational and innovative. The students enjoyed their time there and wanted to become a part of HLC.

We have received some feedback from our current and previous batch students and are very happy to share them here:- 

The students view: - HLC teachers are very knowledgeable and professional in their way of teaching; they are very helpful and teach in a way that is easily understood by the students. The students like Shusant Sir, as he is very funny and makes every child comfortable to express their thoughts and makes learning fun. He always shares his life experiences with all of us that helps us learn about the ways of life. He also gives Chocolates to students when they perform well in class.

Rekha Ma’am is also very good and always comes prepared with fun facts for the class. She always brings information on topics inquired by the students regarding different professions and explains it to the students in the best way possible. As Rekha ma'am is an English teacher, she makes English fun for every student. She also prepared a musical play on the farewell which students liked the most.

Enoch Sir is a highly experienced person and an all-rounder in HLC. Students feel very comfortable with him. He is very frank with the students and they can ask any question as many times as they want to him. He is the head of Course In-Charge and Visual documentation course at HLC. Students also got an opportunity to shoot a movie in Connaught place with the help of Sir.

Vijay sir is a teacher of Visual documentation. Students like his style of teaching. He does not only teach Visual documentation but also teaches how to manage life efficiently. When students used to get stuck somewhere and asked him for help, he always encouraged the students to try and solve the problem themselves first. Most of the time, the problem used to get solved automatically because of the constant efforts by the students. He believes in punctuality and always comes on time in the class.
We want to thank HLC, for providing our students with this great opportunity. HLC is playing a crucial role to shape a better and brighter future for our students. HLC has inspired many people through their efforts and their work. We hence salute the spirit of HLC and wish them the best of luck to keep inspiring people and change their lives.

We would like to thank people who are running HLC successfully and constantly making effort for students’ growth. Thank you very much:
Sunit Tondon sir, Director of IHC
Geeta Ma'am, HLC Advisor
Qamar Raza Ma’am, HLC in-charge
Enoch sir, Course In-Charge
Pankaj Sir, IHC IT In-charge

Written by Anil Kumar, Computer Coordinator, Manzil
Edited by Saket, Volunteer, Manzil

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