Thursday, August 22, 2019

Gratitude Note

                                       Unnati: A Dedicated Teacher 
Unnati- Dance on MGT
Volunteers are like a pillar of an NGO who bear upon them, responsibilities towards the students as well as the institution. Their hard work and teaching is a great contribution to the growth of the learners at the NGO. 
Unnati Mehta joined Manzil as a volunteer in November. She belongs from The United States of America. She has always been passionate about environmental health and has wanted to focus a lot of her work in India, she succeeded in receiving a Fulbright-Nehru Student Research Scholarship to study air pollution and health in Delhi and started working in IIT-Delhi on a project about air pollution and its impact on anaemia in Indian children under the age of 5. 

She wanted to have an experience in Delhi that would be community-based, so she consulted the United States India Education Foundation (USIEF) for some guidance about which organizations could she volunteer with. Manzil was the first name that was suggested to her, thus her we got a precious volunteer like Unnati with us. She worked as an English teacher and also took English discussion classes. She also took the responsibility of helping her fellow mate Manzil teachers in their endeavours. She also helped one of the core team members to edit as well as give feedbacks on articles for the newsletter. Unnati graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Community Health and International Development/Conflict Management from the University of Maryland, College Park in 2016 and is currently pursuing her passion to work towards environmental health and safety. She left MANZIL and went back to the US to begin her PhD degree in Environmental Health at Harvard University in Boston.

Unnati was a very hardworking and very determined to help the student’s breakthrough their problems and devise ways to deal with them. She is very good at speaking English, thus choose to help those who were not so good at it. She volunteered to teach in the English discussion which is Fourth Level of English Class, wherein which she help students frame their thoughts into words. She introduced various exercises through which she could help those students who were shy at speaking in front of others or had less confidence while speaking. She believes that through words a person can bring about a positive change but one must know how to present his thoughts, which can only be learnt with proper practise at speaking. She held activities like topic discussion, book reading, political discussion and many more. She always kept in mind during her session to give everyone a chance to speak while a discussion is being held. Her classes were never boring for the students as she always made her discussions lively and interesting by sharing facts and quizzes on the topics being discussed, that made learning more fun. The topics chosen were always different in every class and were easy to speak on, topics that they could relate to and speak much confidently. It helped the students in self-reflection and realisation of their capability to speak. It made them more confident and enthusiastic when it came to speaking English. 

The students found of her activities the most interesting in which 110 questions were discussed. The gist of such questions was to help them learn about how to establish a conversation with a stranger and the proper way to answer a question. She found that the students lacked interest in politics and were not aware of many social issues and general affairs, which she felt was not a good habit on their part. She took discussions on the current affairs and politics in which she used activities like quizzes, fun facts, newspaper reading and talks on political history.

The students found themselves developing a taste for it and actively participating in such sessions. She is also a trained Bharatnatyam dancer and took part in performing at Manzil's Got Talent which proved to be helpful as well as entertaining for the event. We want to thank Unnati for the time and effort she has put into teaching the students of MANZIL and raising the spirits of the students to believe in themselves. She has the gift to bring out the best in her students and help them overcome their limits. We wish to follow and implement the ingenious activities she used in her teaching and provide the best environment to improve. We wish Unnati good luck for her future!

Written by Saket, Volunteer with the help of Manzil Students and Core

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